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How to choose the right anal lube?


If you are new to our sex toys or want to try this aspect of the anal sex sport and have no previous experience.

The following is what you must know:

Our products are humanitarian, and we care about the safety of our customers.You must be clear about your own body structure; everyone's body has subtle differences.

If you want to try to carry out the sport of anal sex, please be sure to do a good job beforehand safety measures to protect their own bodies, to ensure that their own physical safety to enjoy the pleasure of the situation.Before you do this, you must know if you are in good health, and if you have any bowel-related illnesses.

Whether you are suffering from hemorrhoids in the anus.What are the things you are allergic to and what are the allergens of your skin. It is also important to work out a safeword with your partner in advance so that you can stop in time if you feel unwell during sex or anal fisting.


Here's what you must know about the physiology of the gut and sphincter:

GREEDYCLUSTER's dildos are all made from edible grade, environmentally friendly platinum silicone, which means that our silicone adult toys and butt plugs are hypoallergenic and harmless to the human body, and if you notice discomfort during use, it means that it's a anal lubrication problem or that you've been injured during exercise because of your posture or for some other reason, and it's not caused by the platinum silicone dildos.

Choosing the right lube is very major because the section of the colon immediately inside the sphincter is called the rectum and it will absorb the last of the water.

Therefore, it is important to think twice about using adult toys and lubricants as they are likely to enter your bloodstream.

That's why the raw material of the lubricant is crucial, and bad lubricants can be harmful to the body when they are absorbed into the rectum. The consequences are unimaginable if left unattended.Whether you are a battle-hardened old cowboy or a First time anal rookie, you must need to choose the right lubricant to use.

Types of lubricants:

1. Water-based:

Water-based lubricants is the most common kind of anal lube, its main ingredients are water and glycerin, the texture is watery, low viscosity, cleaning is quite easy and convenient. However, the disadvantage is that it can be easily absorbed by the body, so it is generally not recommended to use it in large quantities, and you need to buy a water-based lubricant that is safe and meets the standards in order to ensure that your body is subjected to the least amount of damage.

Water drop

2. Silicone-based:

Silicone lube main ingredient is polydimethylsiloxane, and the difference between water-based lubricant is the lasting degree of lubrication, because silicone will not be absorbed by the human body, as long as the use of one time will be able to play in the end of a ticket! The disadvantage is that it is not good to clean, and can not be used with silicone erotic products, it will erode the toy and shorten the life of the erotic products.

Silicone lube

3. Oil-based:

Oil-based lubes are the smoothest and longest-lasting of all lubricants, but of course they are also the hardest to clean. If it gets on fabrics, it can cause grease stains, and it's not suitable for use with latex condoms, as it may dissolve the latex content, which makes the condom no longer safe at all.


So now that you know this specific information, you can go ahead and choose the right lube for your needs.

Our GREEDY GREASE LUBE is an excellent water-based lubricant with pure ingredients.It has no harmful substances in its ingredient list, so you can use this cum lube with confidence and enjoy your pleasures to the fullest.Because this is a water-based lubricant that won't damage silicone men toys, it's a perfect fit for our brand of anal plugs, all kinds of realistic or fantasy dildos.

The anal lube is available in three different styles: PAIN RELEIF, COOLING and WARMING.

Choose according to your needs.

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