About Toys:

1.What are your toys made of?

  • All our toys are made from 100% Platinum Cure Silicone. This is an extremely durable material, can be made in different firmness, is almost totally inert and is totally body safe. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality body safe platinum cure silicone so you don't need to worry about any harmful chemicals or toxins leaching from our toys.

2.How soft are your silicone toys?

  • Our toys boast a shore hardness rating of around 4A, slightly softer than some alternatives, yet they provide exceptional support. This translates to a plush, comfortable texture that still offers excellent structural integrity. Think of our toys as akin to a penis at around 75% erect - soft enough to be pliable and flexible, yet firm enough to deliver a lifelike sensation.

  • For more information about our firmness of toys, please read Introducing Our Signature Firmness.

3.How do I choose the right size?

  • We understand that selecting the right size on web can be challenging, but we’re here to help make your decision easier. All of our product pages include comprehensive measurement charts, so please take the time to read and compare these before making a purchase. Additionally, you can refer to our GreedyCluster's Size Naming System for a general understanding of our size names, which may help you choose the size that best suits your needs.

  • Please note that measurements may vary slightly due to individual measuring methods, so there may be minor discrepancies.

4.Can I return my toy if it doesn't fit?

  • Due to the intimate nature of our products, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges for any reason other than a defective toy. You can read our full Return Policy here.

  • Please note that all toy measurements provided are approximate and intended to give a general idea of the toy size, so there may be minor discrepancies.

  • I just received my order and there is a problem. How and when do I report this?

  • If you encounter any issues with your order, please report them to us within 3 days of the delivery date.

  • If you have an issue with your order/toy and it does not need to be unwrapped, please leave it wrapped and sealed. Carefully inspect your toy before unwrapping it. If you report an issue that could have been determined before unwrapping it, we will not be able to provide a replacement or other services.

  • Please note that all issues need to be reported within 3 days, or we may not be able to honor any requests for replacements, missing items, etc. You can email us at info@greedycluster.com if you have any concerns or problems with your order once received.

  • We do not accept returns for exchanges or refunds unless the item you received is defective, or we made an error with your order. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

5.Do you accept returns or refunds?

  • Due to the nature of the products we sell, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges for any other reason than receiving a defective toy. You can cancel your order if it has not been shipped. If your order has been manufactured but not shipped, any cancelation after that point will incur a 50% restocking fee. If your order has not been manufactured at the time of cancelation, you will incur no restocking fee and will receive a full refund. For more information, please check our Return Policy here.


1.Do you ship worldwide?

  • Yes, we ship products worldwide. But due to some regulation reasons, WE DO NOT SHIP TO: Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Maldives, Belarus, Burundi, Central African Republic, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Nicaragua, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Darfur, Syria, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.

2.What are your shipping costs?

  • We charge a flat fee of $20 USD for shipping. Regardless of your location, if your total order value exceeds $220 USD, we offer free shipping.

3.Is the packaging discreet?

  • A: We understand the need for discretion in our shipments and we make every effort to make sure your privacy is protected. Your order will arrive in a simple brown box. There is no mention of Toys on the outside of the box.

4.When will my order be shipped and how can I track it?

  • Typically, your order will be manufactured and shipped within 2-4 business days after payment is received. As we produce toys on demand.

  • For pre-order items, please refer to the estimated shipping time on the product's pre-order page.

  • Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email from info@greedycluster.com with your tracking information. Please note that there may be a 2-3 day delay in the initial synchronization of tracking information.

5.How long will the shipment take to get to me?

  • For orders within the US:

  • We use UPS for most deliveries, which typically takes 4-8 business days in transit. If you can only provide a PO Box address, we will ship via USPS, and delivery times may be delayed accordingly.

  • For orders to Europe:

  • Final delivery will be handled by local carriers such as UPS, DHL, or other services, depending on the destination country. Delivery times are generally between 5-10 business days.

  • For orders outside the US and Europe:

  • We prioritize using UPS or other well-known logistics providers in your country to ensure reliable and timely delivery.

  • Please note that if your order coincides with a public holiday, the shipping date may be delayed accordingly. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at info@greedycluster.com.

Caring for Toys

1.How should I look after my toys?

  • Silicone is a highly durable material but we do have some tips on how to look after your toy. Keep your silicone toys away from other toys made from cheaper materials (PVC) as these can leach chemicals onto your silicone and have adverse reactions.

  • Clean your toys after every use to avoid bacteria build up on the surface of your toy. And keep your toys away from sharp objects. Once silicone is cut or sliced, it is prone to tearing.

2.What types of lube should I use with these?

  • Since the toys themselves are made of silicone, we would recommend using with water-based lubricants.

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