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Each of us has a differently developed body.
This means that even the length or size of the different parts of the colon varies depending on individuality.

The basic premise of depth training is stretching and relaxing the muscles and Large intestine associated tissues in the transition from the rectum to the sigmoid (in the red circle).

This training can often be uncomfortable or painful.

This requires a longer and intense workout, for which you can use various "depth trainer" toys, but also longer dildos.
Dildos that are more firm in my own experience are more effective than those that can bend easily. They create more pressure on the necessary places and help to straghten the intestine to the necessary angle. But it also brings more risk, as these pof the colon are more prone to injury.

After successful training, you will find out what your anatomical limit isheone will be able to go elbow deep, someone even deeper, and someone will be able to foprearm deep.You need to respect these limits.

If you decide to train in depth, always use plenty of lube, listen to yourbe careful and
explore and enjoy new sensations.

 Greedy Cluster The best toy for depth training :


The head of the steel-wand has a slightly round shape, and the overall design is based on the steel of the building. These design elements increase the friction when entering, and the overall design is very slender and soft, making it easier to start training.

To enable it to accept this existence as a source of potential happiness. The soft shaft is essential for changing the direction of the toy inside, giving you the control you need to find the right path to reduce risk.

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