Choosing a good butt plug right for you.

What's a good butt plug(anal plug) for you?

What's a good butt plug for you?
Hey. Nice to meet you here. You may have browsed all our products, but are undecided among the many choices. Let us first briefly recommend our hot topic butt plug to you.
This product comes in four sizes, so you can move up in size more comfortably. The smallest size is 4.3 inches, which is currently the smallest buttplug on our website. “Start slow and small and use plenty of lube,” says Liz Goldwyn, founder of the sexual health education website and podcast The Sex Ed. “The anal area has a high concentration of nerve endings that are stimulated by even the smallest butt plug. "
The toys are made from silicone — one of the three materials, along with equally sanitary glass and metal, experts recommend looking for in any sex toy
TORNADO's spiral design will make it more stylish and will not make your insertion boring. The gradual insertion of the spiral stimulation design can keep the lubricant longer! The flared base prevents the plug from sliding in too far, and with a suction cup on the bottom , you can always go hands-free for hands-free freedom.

With sizes starting at 5.7 inches, the toy may be a little big for beginners, but don't stress; but if you've never used a butt plug before, it may seem intimidating, but sex experts stress that as long as you do it properly With preparation, a little patience, and lots of lubrication, these toys can add a delightful twist to your sex life.
It has a nice taper and is slim, allowing this toy to slide in easily, and of course, has a flared base and suction cups.


Yes, this cute little creature is indeed a butt plug, and the realistic fist design is astonishing, with amazing hair detail, knuckles, and it's like a lifelike fist. If you like fisting you can't miss this one.
PUNCH BUTTPLUG is more suitable for already developed and experienced players, perfect for vaginal or anal play for advanced players, just lubricate to enjoy the intense penetration pleasure, this realistic fist provides a completely different experience, and the wide flat The base allows you to fully impale yourself and ensures easy removal. Made of skin-friendly silicone, soft yet strong.

It's important to feel relaxed, cared for, and open-minded when entering anal sex. Start slowly and gently pat or lick your partner's groomed bottom.

Remember: lube is your friend.
Anal play requires more training—constant fingering, toys, more fingering rehearsals, and talking with yourself and your partner about what feels good—and what could feel better.
"If you're up for it, try anal training four or five times a week, keeping the toy (a plug or movement with a dildo) in for 10 to 15 minutes," explains Archie Bongiovanni in VICE's "How to Train Up Your Butt for Anal Sex of All Kinds.”

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