GreedyCluster takes Pride!

What is Pride Month?

I'm sure we all know about this particular month.

In honor of the Stonewall Riots of 1969 (when the LGBTQIA+ community rioted for their own power/a series of gay liberation protests) .

LGBT Pride Month is usually a festival set aside to celebrate the existence of and be proud of lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, and polysexual people.

What month is pride month?

The organized pursuit of LGBTQ rights in the United States dates back to at least 1924, when Henry Gerber founded the Human Rights Association in Chicago. But the event that catalyzed the LGBTQ rights movement occurred in June 1969 at the Stonewall Inn in New York City's Greenwich Village.In the early morning hours of June 28 - the pride day, police raided the popular gathering place for young people in the LGBTQ community, emptying the bar and roughing up many patrons for selling alcohol without a license.

The crowd outside became enraged at the sight of bar patrons being thrown out and pulled into police cars, and began throwing coins, then bottles and other debris at the police.

In the past, when police harassed members of the LGBTQ community, witnesses stood by and watched, but this time was different, people mustered up the courage to speak out and fight back for the LGBTQ community, not only did they fight for the rights of the community, but also for their own rights and the peace of the world!

Stonewall riots-the original events of pride month

It didn't take long for the crowd of protesters to reach 400! For five days after this, riots were started outside of bars all the time, and these Stonewall riots were certainly a revolution of LGBTQ rights unleashed!

That's why since 1970, to celebrate this Stonewall riot and give a voice to the LGBTQIA+ community, people have pride paraded in June every year.

pride parade

 Can't wait for this year's Pride Parade!

GreedyCluster will also be launching events for Pride month! Stay tuned!

The origin of the LGBTQ+ rainbow colors theme:

We all know that the representative color of pride month is rainbow, because of this rainbow flag, also derived from many other products such as: rainbow stickers, hats, marshmallows, umbrellas and rainbow dildo, and so on.....

So what does its rainbow color represent? And where did it come from?

It goes back to 1978 when the first rainbow flag was designed by artist Gilbert Baker, an openly gay and drag queen.

Baker believed that the rainbow is a natural flag from the sky, so he used eight colors for the stripes, each with its own meaning (pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunshine, green for nature, turquoise for art, indigo for harmony, and purple for spirituality).

GreedyCluster is the brand that is all about being inclusive and caring for the LGBTQIA+ community!

Our team is made up of diverse individuals with a passion for delivering high-quality, comfortable, and pleasurable products that cater to all sexual orientations and identities.

About GreedyCluster.

We have a wide range of sex toys for people with different sexual orientations and preferences.


Players who are used to a purely sexual experience and like to use their cock to feel each other with their lover.

Then I think the cock rings and O-rings on our site are perfect for you.

It can slow down the blood flow to your penis, make your erection longer and harder, and increase the pleasure you feel with your lover during sex.

Cock rings



If you want to make your rosebud tender and juicy, then this GREEDY ROSE BUD PUMP is not to be missed!It easily squeezes your anus the way you want it.

rosebud pump

But you'd have to be an old cowboy who loves to use a dildo for pleasure.

I'm sure you'll be interested in what's next:

GreedyCluster is an expert in making butt plugs and dildoes, and our store offers a wide variety of products for you to select from.


Our dildos come in a variety of styles and shapes to satisfy your various requirements!




TROPHY DIL-PLUG cheers for those who are brave enough to take their own steps in life!

With our unique butt plug trophy,you all deserve all the praise! A man with sexy breasts wins this award; the person with the best kissing skills wins the award; and whoever has the most perfect penis also wins this large butt plug trophy.

Feel free to unleash your golden dildo power!

1. Not satisfied with a simple look? Need more layers to stimulate your senses?

GreedyCluster has a variety of great looking realistic dildos, anal toys, and more that will unleash the power of your gay pride.

Want to be a dildo man in June month?A fun option!

If you like to have a more layered feeling when doing thrusting movements with dildo and feel the taste of your anus being massaged, then don't miss out on the following types!

3 dildos standing

(Click on the product name to view details)

The special bumps, knots and veins on these textured dildos give your perianal and rectal lining a wonderful sensation, and you can feel the "pop-pop-pop" sensation similar to anal beads.


2. Do you like to play deep games alone or with a couple for exploration?

These next toys presented are more suited to experienced players who require length and internal comfort as well as anal expansion.

Not only do we have hard industrial metal, but we also have fantasy with jumping reality and Japanese bondage with BDSM glamour!

4 dildos

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Enjoy the exhilaration of these tantalizing men toys that stimulate your G-spot and massage your prostate!

3. Know how to appreciate a beautiful fisting and enjoy the sensation of having your asshole filled?

Then you will absolutely love these cute anal plug toys!

There are three of these products that have a fist-shaped appearance and five that are hollow anal plugs!

If you don't know what a hollow anal plug is, you can click this link for details 👉:A TUNNEL BUTT PLUG(ANAL PLUG) - THE PORTAL OF YOUR ASSHOLE.

A lot of people love the thrill of having an ass plug placed inside themselves for a period of time. Or maybe wearing a hollow butt plug and then pairing it with other sex toys to add to the fun of sex.

Why are humans so passionate about using sex toys?

In fact, the human quest for the experience of sex goes back tens of thousands of years.

From unripe bananas to dried camel dung coated in resin - people in ancient Greece and Egypt turned out to be creative in finding sexual aids. Alternative materials used to carve dildos included stone, leather or wood. The world's first (discovered) dildo was found in Germany and dates back 28,000 years.(it predates agriculture by around 13,000 years.)

There has always been a quest for sex that is not just satisfied with mere mating.

"We human beings are made for love and we make love for love."

To have a better experience in love, you need to use some tools.

That's why dildos were invented, but there's much more than you think if you play with these toys.

Fun ways to use GreedyCluster adult toys:


Before you get ready to enjoy our dildos and butt toys, make sure you clean them up, hygienic and healthy safety measures are a prerequisite for wonderful sex.


Some people like to bring their toys to a specific temperature before using them.

Although the human rectum is not as fragile as they make it out to be on the internet, it still needs to be taken care of.

People who like the warm feeling can try to use warm water to heat the toy, do not use boiling water to heat silicone toys, the temperature is too high may lead to rectal lining injuries, prohibit the use of microwave oven to heat the toy, may lead to the dissemination of harmful substances or toys damaged, exploded and other dangerous events.

In addition to using warm water for heating, a heating pad is a great option that adapts to your body's temperature for a more realistic experience.

The benefit of heating toys is that they allow the intestines to feel the warmth and the overall process to be more comfortable, which can protect the anus and sphincter to a certain extent.

Others, on the other hand, prefer to keep these dildos and anal plugs refrigerated and cooled down, and the advantage of cold toys is that they know exactly where the toy has reached in their body when they are doing exploratory play. That way they can stop in time when they feel discomfort.

Knowing exactly if your sexual exercise is safe is also a very important thing.


If you are a person who does anal sex exercise regularly, then you must know the importance of lubricants.

This is because the anal and intestinal systems of our body do not secrete fluids to help make the process of sex safer unlike the penis or vagina.

So we need to choose a safe and comfortable lubricant to protect us from getting hurt during sex.

And there are many types of lubricants. Using lubricants incorrectly can lead to accidental injuries to yourself or unexpected damage to silicone toys.

If you have any doubts about the choice of lubricant, you can check out this Blog to learn about it 👉:HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT ANAL LUBE?

GreedyCluster's new products are now re-mixed in terms of material density.We are always trying to strike the perfect balance between firmness and comfort. Our products register around 4A on the Shore hardness scale, slightly softer than some alternatives, but they provide excellent support.

Taking your experience to the next level! And our products are all vegan and completely free of any animal products.

This is the brand philosophy that GreedyCluster has always wanted to convey, we want our products to release your stress and desires and bring you love and strength.

We are a customer-centered brand, and GreedyCluster wants you all to be the brave ones in your life. Without your love, there is no GreedyCluster! With you here, every month is a Pride month! Every day is a Pride day!

 Thank you very much for reading.



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